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Codesurance Ventures

We believe that a good team makes a successful startup.
We are your tech co-founder that build technologies
to enable your business.


We help Entrepreneurs

Build Tech Startups. Spin Off Startups.

MVP Assurance

Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Functional Prototype for Beta

Keen to validate your idea? Testing your MVP with users and potential customers will be the best way to know if your idea is solving a pain point.

Seed Assurance

Build Product Version 1.0
Upgrades and Maintenance

Keen to take your product further? As an Early Stage startup, it is important to ensure user experience is seamless and your product is commercially ready.

Scale Assurance

Build Add-on Modular Features
Solution Architecture Redesign

Keen to Scale your Startup / Business? You might have a basic version of your product but scalability requires a strong infrastructure. We redesign a robust scalable architecture for you.

Software Development

Custom API Development
Website / Landing Pages
Hybrid / Native Apps

We have 10 years of experience building softwares for our clients, we specialise in React Native, ReactJS, MEAN Stack, Python, Data Analytics and API development works.


we co-create this business with you.
let's build a unicorn.

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